Traditional Crafts  - The Weavers and Kippot Makers

Some members of the community support themselves and their families by making items that we sell in our shop.   They make Tallitot for both men and women,  Kippot and scarves in an Ethiopian design. 

Our weavers work at the Meketa compound. They weave tallitot  in many colours and designs, both for stock and to order.  They also weave shawls and blankets to sell in Gondar Market. 

There are many members of the community that crochet kippot for Meketa.   Crocheting the kippot is an enjoyable social activity for mothers to do while keeping an eye on their small children, and provides essential income to their families. 

Our kippot and tallitot are often ordered as gifts to be given at Bar Mitzvah and wedding celebrations.   Here is an excerpt written by Elliana, who ordered kippot for her Bat Mitzvah celebration. 

I guess it all started when my Mum and I were discussing ordering kippot for my Bat Mitzvah. She had slaved away, scrolling through endless websites in search for the perfect kippot, until finally (drumroll please), in the whirlwind of Bat Mitzvah preparation and glitter, she bumped into a random lady. This woman was raving about her amazing kippot that had just been delivered all the way from Ethiopia. The charity was called Meketa, and she continued to gush about how they were handmade in a Jewish village called Gondar. This interested us, as it tied in with one of my ancestors, who came from Ethiopia, or so I’ve been told. As I listened to her, I realized what an amazing idea this was, and decided to check out the website. Long story short, by the end of the day, I was as hung up about it as her.


Ellianna's kippah.


The weaver conferring with Ambanesh, our manager. 


One of our kippot makers hard at work. 


A Tallit made by our weaver for this young lady's Bat Mitzvah. 


Can provide a loom for a weaver