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Child Sponsorship

For families living below the poverty line, the cost of feeding and clothing their children is difficult to manage.  Though education is free, children must wear a school uniform and provide their own books and writing materials.  This cost is an obstacle to children remaining in education - others include the need to look after younger siblings or help with the family business. Many children therefore do not complete their education.  

The Child Sponsorship Programme supports children to stay in school: sponsors make a regular monthly payment, most of which goes directly to the child's parents or guardian to help them cover the costs of food and clothing. Sponsored children also receive a school uniform and set of books at the start of the school year.

The cost of medical treatment for the sponsored child or any member of their direct family is included in the monthly payment,  should they need it.  The sponsored child also receives an annual health check-up at a local clinic. You can help provide a child with a better future.

child reading a book

£25 per month will change the future of a child

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