Volunteer in Ethiopia with Meketa

Short term volunteering and 4 week summer programme 

Meketa  enables Ethiopian Jews to support their families through sponsorship schemes and through income generating projects for adults, as well as education and training to help improve the lives of the younger generations.


Meketa works alongside partner organisations in Ethiopia to provide support for Jewish inhabitants of the town of Gondar.  You will probably be assigned a role working with children in our After-school club or our summer play scheme, providing education and fun activities for local children within the Hatikvah Jewish community compound. 


The After-school club runs throughout the school year and there is also a summer play scheme in July and August, often organised together with Israeli volunteers.  There is some flexibility for you to choose your personal dates throughout the year or in the summer, depending upon the situation. 



Gondar: Your Destination 

This project is based in northern Ethiopia, in the friendly bustling city of Gondar, home to one of Ethiopia's major universities and Link Ethiopia/The Kindu Trust who are partners on these Meketa projects.  Gondar town centre has modern amenities such as internet services and laundries, but venture a little outside town and you will experience rural Ethiopia as it has been for centuries.  


Your accomodation will be in the Link Ethiopia/The Kindu Trust volunteer accommodation and about 3km from the Jewish compound.  It can be reached either by local mini busses or tuk tuk taxis (known as Bajaj in Ethiopia) for about 6 pence. 

Your Role

You will be working in the After-school cub or on a summer play scheme/summer camp for Ethiopian Jewish children.  This could involve English conversation classes, aft, drama and other creative activities as well as many fun activities similar to those run at a British Jewish summer camp.


In particular, we are looking for people with youth leadership experience and experience teaching English.

Did you know?
  • Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee

  • Ethiopia has never been under colonial rule

  • The country is almost twice the size of Texas

  • Gondar is home to over 150,000 people

Let us know about any particular skills or interestss you have, as there may be an opportunity to use them on your volunteer placement.  Past volunteers have also been involved with adults and our microfinance and other projects. 


What you'll get from the experience


Volunteering abroad provides a unique opportunity to experience a different culture whilst making a real difference to the community in which you are  working.  It is a  chance to  make new friends,   apply

yourself to new and interesting challenges, and to explore a new place.  It is an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime!  Meeting the Jewish community in Ethiopia will enable you to learn about a different kind of Judaism from that you are used to! 


The project will be an excellent chance to develop you existing skill set and to bolster your CV for future employment prospects.  Employers look favourably on time spent volunteering as it shows committment, interest in social causes, and a willingness to make a difference through your work.  If you are looking to pursue a career within teaching, international development or other social sciences or are just interested in the work we do then this volunteer placement is a brilliant opportunity!  

The Cost

The estimation of the cost is based upon a four week trip in previous years.You will need to pay for your living expenses and the flights.  Flights will cost around £500 and we estimate that living expenses will be under £200 for Western-style accommodation and food for the four week programme (from the start of June).  If you want to travel you will need to sset aside additional funds. We ask you to fundraise a minimum of £250 towards Meketa's projects in Ethiopia.  Your fundraising campaign could consist of:  

  • A sponsored walk or run

  • A charity auction

  • A sponsored challenge

  • Fundraise at a college or university

Meketa will provide guidance throughout your fundraising endeavours. There are a number of fundraising websites dedicated to help you raise funds for your programme.such as the MyDonate website operated by BT.  Click here for more information.

Medical Precautions

Meketa advises that you consult your GP for any travel information regarding immunisations, anti-malarial prescriptions and any other medical issues you may have.  Necessary or recommended immunisations change from time to time and you should find the latest information.

Next Steps

If you are interested in volunteering for Meketa then please click here and we will e-mail an application form to you.  


If successful you will be asked to attend a welcome briefing session with Meketa in London (or via Skype for those outside Britain) where you will be briefed on what your exact role will be and how we can support you on every step of the way!

Latest News 

Most girls in the Gondar Jewish community tend to stay at home and miss school during some of the days of their monthly cycle.   They could fall behind with their schooling and struggle to keep up with the class. We have linked up with the Days4girls project to provide girls with re-usable feminine hygiene kits. Seven kits were sent in time for International Women's Day.

We started a new club in Shewa Dabo – an area further out in Gondar where many of the Jewish families have moved to because the housing is much cheaper.  Click here to find out more about it 

Our programme, LIFT, gives direct support to elderly and infirm members of the community living in poverty.  Learn more about it here.

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