• Hila Bram

December 2015 News Update

Greetings from Gondar! This newsletter comes to you from the Link Ethiopia Compound in Gondar where Sybil is staying while checking up on all our projects.And it's GOOD NEWS!


The club has doubled in size this year totalling 150 children in two shifts of 75. They have specialist teachers in maths and science while Getch teaches English phonics and computer skills.

No one expects their own computer – they are just happy to get some hands on experience which the schools do not offer.

A particularly generous donation has enabled us to expand the library. Story books are particularly popular though many take advantage of the text books to check their homework as they do not own their own books at all. The library is immensely popular, around 36 books taken out every day and every book returned after 3 days.


Ayinadas Kindie Amare

Ayinadas teaches maths and chemistry at the club.

Eshetu Berihun

Eshetu was the librarian at the club last year, but this year he is teaching English, physics and mathematics.

Yehoye Dabas

Yehoye is the new librarian. He helps the older kids with their homework and encourages them to take books out of the library and read.


Every Friday the children prepare for Shabbat . They tidy up and then celebrate Kabbalat shabbat by leading in candle lighting and kiddush.

Candle lighting:

Blessings on wine and bread:


The first set of micro loans has now almost concluded with 18 of the original 22 completing their payments. 11 of these have been given a further loan to increase their business. And 16 new people have been given loans to start small enterprises. These include one man buying and selling sheep, several market traders selling corn, butter, vegetables and dried fish, and one woman opening a cafe on a construction site to make breakfast and lunch for the workers


Thanks to Link Ethiopia's involvement with the Felegabriot school in the Lidete district where the Jewish community lives we are able to start offering new sponsorship for children again. For just £18 per month you can help an entire family, and ensure that their child will go to school in order to secure a better future. See!child-sponsorship-/chpl for details.


You may have heard the exciting news that Israel has agreed to take 9000 of the Jews remaining Ethiopia who have relatives in Israel. What has been less widely reported is that it will take five years from February or March 2016 This means our work is needed more than ever, to improve the children's level of education and the young peoples skills so that they can make the best of life in Israel when they go there.


Come on a chance of a lifetime trip to tour some truly amazing historical sites and geographical marvels as well as see our projects first hand in November 2016.

ALSO there is the possibility of a veterans trip for those who have been before. See how much things have changed since your last visit and join a special tour to view the tribes of the South. Contact for more details


Chanukah is not a traditional Ethiopian festival. The Beta Israel would have left Israel 600 years before the battles of the Maccabees. However, the Israeli volunteers in Gondar have taught the community how the desecrated Temple was re dedicated and how it is not power but faith that ultimately succeeds.

THIS CHANUKAH Think of giving a donation to MEKETA or start a sponsorship in the name of a friend or loved one.


For all your generous donations. In particular the grant for library books the two laptops for the club, three new offers to sponsor children and a number of monetary donations. A little goes a long way in Ethiopia... Your contributions are truly life- changing.

Latest News 

Most girls in the Gondar Jewish community tend to stay at home and miss school during some of the days of their monthly cycle.   They could fall behind with their schooling and struggle to keep up with the class. We have linked up with the Days4girls project to provide girls with re-usable feminine hygiene kits. Seven kits were sent in time for International Women's Day.

We started a new club in Shewa Dabo – an area further out in Gondar where many of the Jewish families have moved to because the housing is much cheaper.  Click here to find out more about it 

Our programme, LIFT, gives direct support to elderly and infirm members of the community living in poverty.  Learn more about it here.

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