After School Club Events

The Dentist Calls


The Heroes for Life Organisation (formerly Fighters for Life) visited the After School Club  again in April 2017. This year, a dentist saw 175 students at the After School Club.   He has a program to see the rest of the students. As of this writing, there are around 30 that have not yet been seen and  three students that he would like to take to hospital for more complex treatment.  The dentist says he is very excited to work in the After School Club. Click here to read more about this organisation. 

It's been a very exciting year for the after-school club. It is continuing to grow and now serves over 200 children.  To accomodate the children we are making improvements to the facilities.  We laid  a concrete floor in the temporary classrooms. During the hot weather, this floor will help avoid the dust, and during the rainy season, it will help to avoid the mud. 

We have also added two showers to the compound, alongside the taps so that children who have no washing facilities at home can now pick up clean water and have a shower.  Our next objective is to  put in two more permanent hole-in-the-ground toilets. The current toilet which we inherited with the building is in very poor condition and with the growing number of children attending we need more than one usable toilet on site. If you would like to make a donation towards this project, please click here

We've had Visitors!

Just before Pesach the club had a real boost when a group of 20 Israelis from "Fighters for LIfe" came to volunteer with us, and as well as special club activities they built a football pitch as a memorial to a young Ethiopian Israeli Officer who died serving in the army. The volunteers stayed to enjoy the Seder night with the community. 

Gech, our After School Club Manager writes ....

12 April 2016


Shalom Meketa

How are you is everything ok?


The volunteers stars with enthusiastic mood and they are doing very well. It was really good for smaller group because they prepare the program for small children. By then after they saw the bigger one they change the program and continue teaching Hebrew. But still it's very important thing to teach Hebrew the bigger students also like it.


Here is the picture of the first day activities with the students

21 April 2016


Shalom Meketa

We had an amazing time with all volunteers. Today they finish their activities with amazing mood. They said that they had a great time with all children and staffs too. They did a nice memorial ceremony for shon  Carmel and also they did socur too.


After that they gave me a present that they had a great time with all staffs and students too.


Here are some  photos.

Summer Camp  2016

Summer in the UK is the rainy season in Ethiopia, and the schools are closed.  The community has been very active with a summer camp (Kaytana) for all the Jewish children in Gondar running every day for the last two months.  Our after school club teachers were helping out at the Kaytana organised jointly with Israeli volunteers, with a thousand children in attendance.  It was all hands on deck for a wide variety of activities and lots of Hebrew and even lunch for the participants.  The Kaytana finished at the beginning of September and the following week, the community received a visit from a delegation of rabbis from Israel:  Rabbi Waldman, a long-time supporter and spiritual leader, and three Ethiopian Israeli rabbis,  They delivered messages of support and solidarity for the community in Gondar.  Rabbi Waldman regularly comes to Gondar to lead services for Pesach and the High Holidays, and gives a regular Sunday talk to the community over a phone link, as well as training the hazanim and Jewish studies teachers and much more. 

End of Year Trip 2016

We organised a school trip for our club children to the lakeside town of Gorgora.  For many of the children participating it was their first time leaving Gondar, and for most the first time seeing Lake Tana.  We played games, sang songs, learned about the nature and history of the area, and had lunch out as well of course.  But the highlight was visiting the port and going on a boat trip on the lake, as most children had not been in a boat before.  They said Shehekhiyanu (a blessing for doing domething for the first time) before they set off.

The kids were really, really excited the whole time, even when they got back to Gondar they were still buzzing.  The children were asked to write something about the trip when they returned.  One wrote 'I don't have words to describe my happiness'.

Latest News 

Most girls in the Gondar Jewish community tend to stay at home and miss school during some of the days of their monthly cycle.   They could fall behind with their schooling and struggle to keep up with the class. We have linked up with the Days4girls project to provide girls with re-usable feminine hygiene kits. Seven kits were sent in time for International Women's Day.

We started a new club in Shewa Dabo – an area further out in Gondar where many of the Jewish families have moved to because the housing is much cheaper.  Click here to find out more about it 

Our programme, LIFT, gives direct support to elderly and infirm members of the community living in poverty.  Learn more about it here.

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